How we can help you


Our approach is straightforward: we get to know our clients and understand their objectives, and financial likes and dislikes, regularly working with their other professional advisers.  We develop an appropriate strategy for each client, using projections and cash-flow models where helpful and, when it makes sense to the client, we execute that strategy as simply and cost-effectively as possible.

 Once in place, the strategy is regularly monitored to ensure that it remains appropriate, having regard to changing client circumstances, investment conditions and legislation.  We aim to meet with our clients at least once a year and more frequently if desired.

Clients have access to their daily-updated investment portfolios via the secure ‘client-only’ area of our website.  Formal valuations are issued, with an investment commentary, every six months, and regular bulletins deal with topical issues.

When it comes to investments, we appreciate that the financial world is awash with over-hyped ‘opportunities’ which are often unnecessarily expensive and all-too-frequently fail to deliver on their promises. We therefore bring scepticism as well as diligence to our research. We do not chase the latest fads and are not adherents to any single investment philosophy, system, product provider or fund manager, because we know from experience that such approaches too often fail in the face of change.  Our clients’ financial future is far too important to make it subject to a single ‘belief system’.

We believe in diversity – of not putting all our clients’ eggs in one basket – and always seek to achieve that for our clients.

While we provide a wide-ranging service, we do not recommend very aggressive, ‘cutting-edge’ solutions; clients come to us for sensible, impartial, professional advice which should stand the test of time.

However, no matter how hard we try to control risk for our clients, we cannot offer certainty where it does not exist.  But we can where it does.  While investment performance is essentially unpredictable, the negative impact of high investment costs is ‘knowable’. We therefore always ensure that our clients access the ‘platforms’, products and investments which offer them the best choices consistent with their objectives at the lowest costs we can obtain for them.

Tying this all together, quite simply, we aim to become the long-term trusted adviser to our clients and their families, coordinating our services effectively with those of their other professional advisers.

Some of our clients having been with us for approaching 20 years, so we feel we have succeeded in that aim, and would welcome the opportunity to achieve the same with you.